The Government Thought I Was A Spy Who Stole Secrets About 9/11 Being An Inside Job...

So They Hacked My 2020 Campaign To Coverup a Conspiracy

Ten years later, they're still trying to keep me quiet--

and I'm still fighting to restore liberty in America.

McHugh for Michigan

Attorney General

"Liberty is clean air, fresh water, healthy organic food, money that retains value over time, and a Constitution that applies evenly to all people at all times by default and without exception."

- Joe McHugh (L)

Protect Free Speech & Election Integrity

Restore "No harm, no foul--no crime."

Easily understand laws, privacy & terms of service agreements

Balanced bodily autonomy for woman and child

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Protect Free Speech & Vote

Proprietary computer software can manipulate voters on social media and allow hackers to change vote counts.

We will sue social media platforms and governments alike to publicly share their software code and protect our First Amendment rights.

No harm, no foul--no crime.

We will sue to release non-violent prisoners whose actions harmed no other, expunge records, and provide backpay for time served in violation of our Bill of Rights.

Especially applicable for guns, drugs and sex between consenting adults.

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Restore Due Process--Easily Understand the Law

Our Constitution and right to due process requires that we understand the law and penalty for breaking it.

We will sue to ensure that all laws, privacy and terms of service agreements are clear, objective and easily understood by the average individual.

Balance for Woman & Child

Uphold Roe until otherwise legislated.

Pregnancy is the only time in which two individuals share a body.

To that end, a balanced approach is needed to protect women's rights and the rights of the unborn.

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Cleaner, Greener Michigan