Joe McHugh

President 2024

"Liberty is clean air, fresh water, healthy organic food, money that retains value over time, and a Constitution that applies evenly to all people at all times by default and without exception."

- Joe McHugh (Ind)

Every American A Millionaire Tax Plan to Retire a Millionaire with a Government-Backed Guarantee

Love & Respect Law Plan to Restore Rights, Repeal Unjust Laws and Free Prisoners of Unjust Laws with Backpay

Planet-Friendly Money Plan for a Cleaner, Greener America

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Every American a Millionaire Tax Plan

Who wants to retire a millionaire--with a government-backed guarantee?

We pay enough taxes on our first $30,000 of income to make Every American a Millionaire--guaranteed.

We'll fund our home, health and wealth insurance savings account for a downpayment on our first home, to pay for healthcare expenses, and income in retirement.

Say you work full time in the service industry, $15/hour, until retirement.

That's $30,000/year, $2,500/mo and $300/mo of income taxes. Add a payroll tax credit match of $300/mo to save $600/mo at 6%/year on planet-friendly investments. You'll have $1.1M over 40 years of work.

Better yet, pay ZERO income taxes from $30-100k and just 20% income tax and a 13% payroll tax thereafter.

This plan produces a trillion dollar surplus and puts you in control of your money.

Together, we'll make Every American a Healthy Wealthy Millionaire.

Love & Respect Law Plan

Who wants to be treated with love and respect?

The ideals of love and respect birthed the values of liberty and justice for all which are codified in our Bill of Rights: free thought, speech, action, self-defense, privacy, property, communications, self-choice, and the right to easily understood laws and penalties thereof.

Our open AG platform and three Attorney Generals (R/D/L) will empower private sector attorneys with the stamp of the US AG's office to sue to restore our rights, and void all laws, privacy and terms of service agreements that are not clear, objective and easily understood by the average individual--so that all people are treated with love and respect.

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No harm, no foul--no crime

Who wants expunged records and backpay for time lost to unjust laws?

Our three AGs will restore our rights, free prisoners of unjust laws, expunge records, and provide backpay for time served in violation of our Bill of Rights.

Especially applicable for guns, drugs and sex between consenting adults.

Together will speed the process to put Liberty First.

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