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Joe McHugh

President 2024

"Liberty is clean air, fresh water, healthy organic food, money that retains value over time, and a Constitution that applies evenly to all people at all times by default and without exception."

- Joe McHugh (Ind)

Every American A Millionaire Tax Plan to Cut Taxes, Fund Health & Wealth Accounts

Love & Respect Law Plan to Restore Liberty & Justrice For All

Planet-friendly Money Plan to Cut National Debt, Lower Taxes, and Invest Every Treasury Dollar to Harmonize with Nature

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Every American a Millionaire Planet-friendly Tax Plan

Make Every American a Millionaire by offering a plan to invest your tax dollars on your first $30,000 into your personal home, health & wealth income investment account instead.

You'll retire a millionaire and double your income in retirement at half the cost to government.

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Love & Respect Law Plan

Love and respect is the basis for liberty and justice for all, and our Bill of Rights.

Repeal and rewrite laws, policies and agreements that violate liberty and justice for all--and compensate people who lost time to unjust laws or policies with freedom, clean records and backpay.

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Planet-Friendly Money Plan

Whoever has the money makes the rules.

Convert the Federal Reserve Bank into a credit union to invest every Treasury Dollar in circulation into planet-friendly cities, businesses, and natural habitat restoration projects for a cleaner, greener America.

Additional Policy Positions

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Declassify Everything

"...barring a Pearl Harbor-like event, the process for updating our military is likely to take a prolonged period of time."

Liberty is free and easy access to information, especially information pertinent to the public interest.

Declassify everything to learn the truth and restore our liberty and justice for all.

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Protect Free Speech & Vote

A free press, vote, and free access to information is how we express our inviolable right to free will and maintain an informed public.

Provide cryptographic identification cards to every citizen of the USA.

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No harm, no foul--no crime

Liberty is compensating people who lost time to unjust laws with freedom, clean records and backpay.

Our three AGs (R/D/L) will compete and partner with private sector attorneys to restore our Bill of Rights.

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Every American a Millionaire Health Plan

Better healthcare at lower cost with zero risk of bankruptcy.

Choose 100% voucher coverage over $5,000 per year and use your qualified home, health and wealth account to cover daily expenses.

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Balance for Woman & Child

Pregnancy is the only time in which two individuals share a body.

A balanced approach is needed to protect women's rights and the rights of the unborn.

Roe is a wise template.